Dynamic Training tailored to your team's talents and abilities

Do you struggle taking your job with you wherever you go? Do you lie in bed at night thinking about the list of things you didn’t get done that day? Wouldn’t you like to have a successful company, take a vacation, and be able to invest in the areas that matter most? All of us are struggling to find the art in juggling this battlefield. My job is to help create balance and growth for your company so you can enjoy what you do, create a staff that is graphed into your mission, and invest in the areas of life that matter most to you.

The Workplace Big Five Profile

My passion is to empower leaders to understand their employees according to their most valuable strengths through a proven method and a customized plan for your business.  The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is based on the most widely respected personality model in the research area the Five-Factor Model. Busy professionals can easily complete the 107 questions online in about 10-15 minutes. Through this specialized model, your team will receive a detailed report that utilizes in depth graphs and neutral work-centric language to provide a clear picture to participants. This method is a personality assessment that generates valuable information to coach, lead, and inspire your team. Its primary focus highlights behaviors within the work place, how to effectively coach individuals and teams according to their strengths, and creates a foundation of conscious understanding of individuals at work. The Workplace Big Five Profile provides insights on how to hire, recruit, and build a powerful workforce. Contrary to most business practices, I believe in developing strengths so much that weaknesses become irrelevant. Subsequently, individuals generate enormous growth both professionally and personally. I coach employees according to these strengths in truth, transparency, and accountability. In doing so, employees get out of roles and expectations they despise and into roles and expectations they were born to win in. As a result, teams achieve higher productivity, job satisfaction, and follow through.  

Providing Mission & Vision

“Light drives out darkness.” Illuminating dark or unknown areas of your business is my specialty. You can’t know where you are going until you know where you are. If you are struggling to communicate your vision and mission to your team this is where I can help! Innovation is one of the main modalities used to help businesses grow. Many people know what they want to say but just don’t know how to make it clear to their team. My job is to interrogate the truth for clarity and get to the core of what your main purpose and passion is. Then, through creativity and brainstorming we agree to a customized plan. Through coaching I partner with you to create a CLEAR vision and mission for your company. These encompassed components reinforce a strong culture of integrity, accountability, and passion your team can be a part of.

Executive Coaching and Accountability

Our time together provides the accountability you need to be motivated to go to the next level and do what it takes to get the job done. I do not fear confrontation, but embrace the beauty of fierce conversations that only enrich the relationships.  I help tackle complex problems with a vigorous curiosity which enables you and I to problem solve. Thereafter, I model and teach healthy conflict resolution skills to reinforce the main mission and purpose of your business.

 How can you implement something NEW or DIFFERENT to change the results you are getting?  Through my  coaching services I help you achieve your goals and identify what is something NEW that needs to start happening now to get different results.  I hold individuals accountable to their commitments and provide the measurements that insure long lasting growth. CELEBRATE the wins and recognize the individuals who fuel the flame.

The goal is to build the team you have always imagined 

“These tiny sparks explode into raging fires if we let them, filling our hearts with the conviction to change,
the desire to ACT, the will to reframe our thinking.”

Are you having trouble motivating your team or an individual? Have you exhausted yourself trying to find the answer that will move people into action?

With years of experience motivating teams, I can help you customize a plan to motivate and inspire your team into action. Nothing is impactful unless put into action. My commitment to accountability helps team members follow through with their action steps. My specialty is to fan a flame of inspiration that motivates people to grow.