Our Mission

Ignite Strategies is a socially conscious company whose ambition is to make a difference in everything it does.  I most visibly make a difference by helping others ignite what their purpose is and propel it forward. My goal is to help create a legacy whose future is greater than its history.  In turn, this creates ripples of impact for the individual, business, team, and community at large.   I aim to create order out of disorder through proven tried and true methods used to inspire others, leverage talents, coach teams, develop systems, and hold others accountable. These specific methods increase revenue through three highlighted strategies. My mission is to create a future and a culture that embodies beyond what your dreams hold. Fierce conversations and transparency are the epicenter of growth, change and clarity. Their outcome only creates enriched meaningful relationships.

How we GIVE back​

One of the main pillars I believe in is generosity. Out of this philosophy I have built giving back right into the framework of the business. Every time you invest in a service to help your business grow, you invest in another young woman's future. I give back to individuals who have survived human trafficking and inequality injustices. For every service, a young woman is provided with a micro finance loan to see her thrive and propel her towards liberation and purpose.

How can you give back?

I believe each person has a fingerprint to be left in our world. Let's find avenues for your company to leave this fingerprint by giving back in incredible ways. As a result, people’s lives will be changed and you, your team, and the community at large will be transformed forever. I find more often than not, businesses just aren’t passionate about the philanthropic causes they are involved in and giving to. I want to help you find an amazing cause, an avenue to create impact, and communicate this message to all of your customers in a successful way. Our legacy will be one of that . This is my commitment to you!


I believe all lasting change is caused by decisions put into action. My promise is just that, to act with the motive to create change. Impact is measured and sustained over time for you, your team, and your business practices.
"Action is the fundamental key to all success."


When a company begins to practice out of this mentality, the growth is unmeasurable.
"To give is better than to receive."


It is my promise to nurture the relationship we are building together through care and kindness. I will help teach you and your team how to better nurture your relationships to create a deeper level of trust.
"It is not enough to be talented you have to nurture those talents to see them exceed."


I am committed to a spirit of innovation, thinking with ambition to get outside the box to solve problems and create new ideas.
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein


I am committed to the practice of vulnerability through transparency and honesty. I am not afraid of it, but welcome and engage in it.
"Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change." - Brene Brown


I am committed to facing fear, challenge, and discomfort. I believe in these moments are the greatest opportunities for CHANGE.
"Discomfort is where the courage is." - Brene Brown