The hardships are more of a gift than anything because when life is at its worst we are refined by the fire if we choose. Growth is the byproduct of such circumstances. In the same way, victories offer life's lessons on how to be present to enjoy the moment and inspire us to reach for more. Joy is a choice that can be embodied everyday. My faith is my strongest source of strength and encouragement.

My Background

My background is a colorful one that encompasses a blend of different talents, interests, and experiences to shape where I am today. I have obtained a bachelors degree from the University of Washington in International Studies and Communication. In addition, my passion for traveling internationally has been one of my biggest sources of education. It was while abroad, my commitment to seeing those without a voice be liberated to tell their story began. I voyaged on a journey to be apart of the solution in aiding those oppressed by human trafficking be set free. This experience absolutely changed my life. Upon my return, I started using my business skills in sales, education, management, and training to help the salon and spa industry grow with AVEDA.

My consulting and coaching focus flourished the businesses I was working with in education, sales, management, and training arenas. After eight years of experience working in these arenas and bringing double digit growth to the industry, my two worlds collided. I knew I could do what I loved most! I wanted to help entrepreneurial women grow their business and learn to give back in impactful ways at the same time. I could combine the business arena with the philanthropic one. With a dream bigger than me, I started my own business with the goal to simply empower one woman one conversation at a time. Now, I get to live my dream of mentoring entrepreneurial women to realize their full potential, grow their business, and impact the world at large. If you're an entrepreneur and want to grow your business to the next level, let's meet.

My mission is twofold:

  • Facilitating growth in the business service industry by motivating teams into action, confidential coaching, and business consulting.
  • Providing a tangible path for those oppressed and marginalized to use their voice, be liberated, and live out their purpose.

I facilitate Owners, Managers and Executives in:

  • Igniting Passion and Purpose for their mission
  • Transforming culture through professional talent development
  • Combining both tactical and strategic skills to problem solve, grow, and plan
  • Giving back with purpose, passion and impact ​
  • Passion
  • Interest
  • Purpose

Part of my purpose in this journey is to contribute in the fight against human trafficking. My hope is to see those who have survived it be set free and empowered. I witnessed the courageous and beautiful lives of young women who overcame these horrible atrocities in many different parts of the world. It was while working with various organizations and my time spent in Africa, South East Asia, and the United States my passion to end this devastation became one of my life's biggest endeavors.